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Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Solar Area – Energy and Environment Division
Paseo Mikeletegi parque tecnologico de mir number 2
20009 - Donostia San Sebastian - Spain

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Description of organization

TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first private applied research centre in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. We get ahead of future challenges by turning technology-based business opportunities into competitive advantage to transform knowledge into GPD, to improve people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies. At TECNALIA we are organised in 7 fully interconnected Business Divisions: Sustainable Construction, Energy and Environment, ICT-European Software Institute, Industry and Transport, Innovation Strategies, Health, Technological Services. We are more than 1,400 people on staff (including 192 doctors), along 22 headquarters (main HD localted in Basque Country, Spain), identifying and developing comprehensive technological solutions with creativity and imagination, for 4,049 clients. TECNALIA is taking part in 264 approved FP7 European Projects, leading 64 of them. TECNALIA has 93 patents in the pipeline and has promoted 28 New Technology-Based Companies. The Solar PV group is composed by more than 20 people working in the following activities: (1) Electric Management Systems for PV Energy (novel inverters topologies and control strgs, storage & self-consumption, energy prediction, MPPTs, etc.) (2) Advance module technologies (materials & processes- encapsulants, cell interconn, durability-, module design & prototyping, advance module concepts…) (3) PV systems and applications (BIPV, Hybrid systems, stand-alone) and (4) CPV systems (BOS- tracker, inverters, optics, receiver technologies)