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CHEETAH knowledge Exchange Portal is an integral part of CHEETAH project web site powered and developed by DTE unit of ENEA ©2014 - 2018 with support of all CHEETAH Partners. Starting from early 2018, CHEETAH KEP moved its first steps to became EERA Knowledge Exchange Platform for PV Technology (KEPT-PV). A new name for the previous platform characterizing our will to serve better and more efficiently in Knowledge Exchange a wider European and International PV RTD community.
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This CHEETAH EERA KEPT-PV  web area offers documentation produced by CHEETAH  and EERA-PV partners or already available by different sources to any interested researcher , professional, stakeholder/decision maker, student. The list of documents can be sorted by different criteria (by organization, by PV RTD technology, by PV RTD topic, by PV RTD Equipment)


SolarPower Europe just launched the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2018-2022. This report confirms that 2017 was another outstanding year for the solar sector and that growth will continue for the coming five years. The world installed 99.1 GW in 2017 and is anticipated to exceed the 100 GW level in 2018. SolarPower Europe estimates that solar is on course to add another 622 GW by 2022.

Edited : 06/07/2018

The "Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2016-2020" includes PV market figures for 2015 and makes forecasts for the next five years for global and European markets. China alone installed over 7 GW, which equals 14% of the 50.6 GW that was commissioned last year, Europe passed the 100 GW mark of installed PV capacity, and the solar signals from many other parts of the world are very loud and clear. Solar continues to thrive. 700 GW of total global installed solar power is possible by 2020

Edited : 01/01/2017

The SOPHIA Consortium has published a booklet summarising the main outcomes of the European project carried out from February 2011 to January 2015. The document was presented in the Symposium on European PV Research Infrastructure, held on 22 January 2015 at CEA-INES.

Edited : 01/01/2017

The “Strategic Vision on PV Research Infrastructure” is an important outcome of the FP7-SOPHIA project, integrating the lessons learned from the project and proposing a new PV research infrastructure strategy for the coming years. It will serve as a proposal to ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures, which is a platform of experts with a mandate to look into Europe’s research infrastructure (RI) needs.  

Edited : 01/03/2015

The Implementation Plan is a detailed roadmap of R&D priorities. Public and private resources shouldfocus on the priorities it identifies.Leaflet shows a short summary on the main pillars of Solar Industry Initiative- Implementation Plan 2013-2015  based on three main pillars: 1) performance enhancement & energy cost reduction  2) Quality assurance, long term reliability and sustainability and 3) Electricity system integration

Edited : 01/01/2015

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