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EXTERNAL Organizations

CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange web area Portal is an open source portal open on request to any interested non-CHEETAH organization:

  • FP7-SOPHIA project parners (ended 2015), EERA-PV  members and EU-PV platform experts s  could be interested to participate to CHEETAH project activity
  • Any public, private research centre and university actively involved in PV energy research and located in the European Union or associated countries
  • Any outstanding worldwide entity or organization strongly focused in RTD on photovoltaics  and interested to tightly collaborate with CHEETAH consortium on research activity not subject to IP or information restriction

A set of useful information is associated to each External  non CHEETAH organization (expertise, infrastructures, technical documents, courses, webinars, discussion, news) as for CHEETAH partners.

Use the alphabetical guide below, or type organization name into the search box and a set of useful information will showed associated to each CHEETAH associated partner (expertise, infrastructures, technical documents, courses, webinars, discussion, news)

Please make a request to upload your own expert/infastucture by contacting us by  email:  contact us


Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables Departamento de Energía Solar Fotovoltaica
C/ Ciudad de la Innovación, 7 - 31621 -  Sarriguren (Navarra) España

[EERA Partner]

Foundation of Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon - Departamento de Energia.
Laboratório de Aplicações Fotovoltaicas
Campo Grande ED-C8 1749-016 Lisboa Portugal

[EERA Partner]

The Engineering science, computer science and imaging
laboratory MaCEPV- Materials for  Electronics and Photovoltaic Devices
23, rue du Loess - BP 20 CR
67037 STRASBOURG Cedex 2 - France  

[EERA Partner]

University of Cyprus - Photovoltaic Technology Laboratory
Panepistimiou 1 Avenue
P.O. Box 20537 - 1678, Nicosia - Cyprus  

[SOPHIA Partner]

Università di Pisa Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Via Risorgimento 35- I-56126 Pisa, Italy

[EERA Partner]

University of Verona Department of Computer Science - Laboratory for Applied Physics
Strada Le Grazie 15 | I-37134 - Verona Italy   

[OTHER Organization]

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