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Jun, 01st 2017

BFIRST  “Building-integrated fibre reinforced solar technology” -  project is an European Commission funded project  started in May 2012 hving the aim  to contribute to bridging the gap between technological development and market demands, bby the  design, development and demonstration of a portfolio of innovative PV products for building integration, based on c-Si cell encapsulation within fibre-reinforced composite materials. The project ended April 2017. This workshop reports the results of developed monolithic and lightweight structures.

Mar, 07th 2017

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) ExCo has created a Task Force (TF) mandated to deliver a proposal for an operational student and researcher mobility scheme to support collaboration with its different Joint Programmes. The Task Force has elaborated a workplan to achieve the assigned commitment planning to finalise a proposal in November 2017. The deadline to contribute is March 31st, 2017.

Dec, 01st 2016

New functionalities are now  offered by CHEETAH project to access to our  Knowledge Exchange Area (KEAP) and Webinar platform, It has been   further implemented to meet the needs of PV Community by  enlarging it to EERA-PV and other interested scientists, professionals and students

Nov, 22nd 2016

The  EU Horizont 2020  Solar Bankability project  hosted 2 webinars, the first one on October 20 at 15:00 CET and the second one on November 22 at 15:00 CET to discuss the core results so far before the last turn of the project and the final report. 

Oct, 20th 2016

ISOS Summit on OPV stability has been running since 2008  to become  one of the most attended workshops in the field, bringing together the  expert community both from industry and academia. The 9th edition took place in Freiburg, Germany Oct 12-14 2016 at  Konzerthaus,  in close distanceFraunhofer ISE Campus.

Oct, 01st 2016

20th Sede Boqer Symposium on Solar Electricity Production  organized by the Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center, and the Annual Nano-Day of the Ilse-Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva) were  held jointly at the Sede Boqer and Beer Sheva campuses to offer a 3-day collaborative event.

Sep, 20th 2016

The 10th edition of the International School on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (ISOPHOS 2016) took place from the 11th till 15th of September 2016 by focussing  on recent advances in science and technology of organic and hybrid photovoltaic devices, including perovskites, dye solar cells, polymers, and the use of Graphene and other 2D materials for energy applications

Sep, 22nd 2015

The CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Portal (KEAP), in parallel to the project web site and other dissemination activities (newsletter, communication, etc), constitutes the pillar of the project to bring information from different sources in a uniform and simple way to any interested CHEETAH partner and external organization on availability of infrastructures, equipment, expertise, technical documents. The CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Portal (KEAP) has been presented during next EUPVSEC conference an international event joining together thousands of  research and industry contributors.

Sep, 21st 2015

FP7-CHEETAH project  hosted on Wednesday 16th September 2015  its first public event at 31st EU PVSEC held in Hamburg. More than 70 researchers, academics, industry and other relevant stakeholders participated to the event where first results and ongoing work of the project were presented.
The consortium of Cheetah had the chance to disseminate and discuss with external experts on the objectives of the project, its goals, the current outcomes as well as the future steps and challenges.

Jan, 25th 2015

This is a key moment for European PV research. After several turbulent years in the sector, the challenges ahead are clearer but, with the SOPHIA Research Infrastructure project now coming to an end, we need to optimize our strategy. The simposium organised by the SOPHIA project and co-organised by EPIA on January 22, 2015 (9h-17h) joined research managers and scientists from Europe's leading PV R&D organisations to help us give clear recommendations for the future development of PV!

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