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Based on the fruitful results and experiences of SOPHi@Webinar  the internal  e-learning platform of 7FP-SOPHIA project has already  offered  on-line in-depth training and discussions to all SOPHIA partners, 7FP-CHEETAH is now offering "on-line"  targeted courses/seminaries open, on request, to any interested non-CHEETAH universities or  research organization, particularly students and resarchers at their early stage of their career  on:

  • Comprehensive information and transfer of knowldege on different R&D topic concering  Joint Research Activities
  • A presentation on several outstanding technical-scientific results highlighting  the potential in utilizing  the infrastructure/technique/scientific protocols and sharing common  expertise

Since January 2015 the CHEETAH Webinar Platform is exploiting the interesting results achieved by SOPHIA project  e-learning platform by  further implementing the already offered  SOPHi@Webinar facilities


Upcoming Webinars

Start date May, 10th 2017

An overview of electrical characterization techniques for thin film single-junction solar cells and absorbers will be given. The standard interpretation of electrical characterization techniques will be presented as well as artefacts due to the thin film device structure.

Start date May, 03rd 2017

An overview of the materials and technologies as well as the infrastructure for PV materials research at Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) will be given. There is 20 years of experience in the field of research of PV materials and devices in TTÜ that has led also to a commercial implementation of the developed technologies.

Past Webinars

Took place on Apr, 28th 2017

The hybrid halide perovskites have shaken the photovoltaic research field: the aim of this workshop is to illustrate the difficulties related to processability and characterization of this revolutionary material by offering and overview about the opportunities  it can offer due to its development.

Took place on Apr, 04th 2017

The webinar will review the information about solar irradiance that is needed in PV applications according to the different purposes of the studies: site prospecting, feasibility and bankability studies, modeling and PV monitoring, small-scale and BIPV

Took place on Mar, 09th 2017

This webinar offers a general overview of all technologies developed worldwide for producing kerfless silicon material and  will zoom in on the approach and the results obtained in Cheetah so far.

Took place on Feb, 16th 2017

The aim of this short course offered by CHEETAH Webinar platform is to introduce the importance of the molecular design in the dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSCs) and perovskite solar cells performances. We will also discuss the typical critical issues of hybrid solar cells fabrication

Took place on Jan, 27th 2017

When illuminating laminated PV modules with UV radiation, often the encapsulant will emit fluorescent radiation in the visible range. The patterns that are thereby exhibited often correlate with cracks in the cells. In this webinar will presented the current state of art this technique and its applications

Took place on Dec, 13th 2016

The electrical  behaviour of multijunction solar cells (MJSCI) cells is inherently different than that of conventional single junction (SJ)  due to the internal series connection of several junctions with different band-gaps. This webinar will be focused on  the special attention should paid to the electrical characterization of MJSC based on light/dark  I–V curve , electroluminescence and spectral response/quantum efficiency

Took place on Oct, 27th 2016

This webinar offered by UPM   will explain why and how nanostructures are expected to improve the efficiency performance of  our current photovoltaic devices. It will be shown that the DOS- density of states  is an ultimate key parameter to answer both questions.

Took place on Oct, 10th 2016

The aim of this short  course offered by CHEETAH Webinar platform  concerns  the introduction to microconcentrators  to  boost efficiency of thin-film solar. by presenting  the  conventional and novel optoelectronic characterization methods to study  micro-concentrator thin film solar cells and related materials (TUT) and the realization of printed polymeric microlenses for solar microconcentrators  as a new route to realize concentrating optics (ENEA)

Took place on May, 23rd 2016

A recent study published by KIC InnoEnergy highlight more than 30 innovations that target cost reduction in photovoltaics. Behind this study consisting of a static representation of the situation at a specific point in time, lies a methodology and a  modeling tool keeping track of the impact that any innovation can bring in term of cost reduction.

Took place on Jan, 14th 2016

The CHEETAH Advanced Characterization Workshop took place on 14th January 2016 at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, Germany and got an overview of the existing top-class PV research infrastructures in Europe. The presentation slides and video of several speakers  are now available.

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