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CHEETAH knowledge Exchange Portal is an integral part of CHEETAH project web site powered and developed by DTE unit of ENEA ©2014 - 2018 with support of all CHEETAH Partners. Starting from early 2018, CHEETAH KEP moved its first steps to became EERA Knowledge Exchange Platform for PV Technology (KEPT-PV). A new name for the previous platform characterizing our will to serve better and more efficiently in Knowledge Exchange a wider European and International PV RTD community.
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webinar > How does CHEETAH webinar work?




CHEETAH webinar is based on Adobe Connect ®  a widely diffused e-conferencing platform utilized for on line seminars, conferences  and lectures. NO special Hardware or Software is needed by either the presenters or the audience.


Lectures are presented via microphone/web cam and slides are directly showed in high resolution on participants laptop/desktop screen or via beamer in a conference room.


Access  of participants  to microphone can be allowed on their request  by usually participants interact with speaker(s) and other participants by "live chat"


FIRST STEP --- > select your CHEETAH  WEbinar

  • Information  on   upcoming events   usually come  at you fingertips  by way of  circular emails or
  • it can be obtained  by yourselves through CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Area Portal (KEAP) Webinar page

SECOND STEP --- > register

In order to participate in  CHEETAH WEbinar events:

  • you must first register  to  upcoming event event registration page
  • Registration is free and can be done on line by CHEETAH KEAP Web Portal
  • Each Event has a registration link

THIRD STEP --- > check your connection and you computer

  • Event takes place in  specific webinar virtual room. 
  • The URL  and a room pass code are sent by email to all early registered participants

The reliability of e-learning platform is very high but organizers always warmly invite participants and presenters  to install all their hardware (microphone, headset, loudspeaker, beamer, webcam, etc) and check their connection to avoid any problems during the speech/presentation. See specific technical section


PAST EVENTS: ---> give a look to  our data base

  •  Access to the past events is  assured by  CHEETAH Webinar -- > > past event   menu.
  • The well structured  web portal  offers information on speakers profile, technical/scientific content of each presentation
  • When speaker agrees, the recorded presentations  becomes available for treaming  by  CHEETAH KEAP  portal.

This audio/video archive represents a relevant opportunity  for any interested internal/external viewer  who missed the on-line event or  partecipated to it  but he/she would  deepen better some specific parts of webinar.