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UNIMIB-Milano-Bicocca Solar Energy Research Center

[Cheetah Partner]
  • Realization and characterization of Materials and devices related to solar energy in its various forms
  • Sputtering, Joule and hybdrid  co-evaporation  techniques to deposit CIGS  thin film on several substrates( Flexible , PI , Glass) 
  • Solution deposition system (via Sol- gel and drop) of  Kesterite (CZTS  and CFTS)

Technical Info



In 2010 the University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) founded the MIB-SOLAR Center to enhance and promote the already well established UNIMIB research activities in the field of PV technologies. The distinctive feature of MIB-SOLAR is the ability to offer research and development all the way, from the computational design of the material to the preparation and characterization of the device at pre-competitive level, with a close interaction between academia and industry, working from crystalline silicon to inorganic, organic and hybrid thin film devices


The laboratory offers the following equipments:

  1. fully equipped laboratories for synthesis (including glove-box reactions, microwave, etc.) and characterization (including multinuclear NMR, absorption and emission spectroscopy, ATR-IR, TGA, DSC, GC-MS, etc.) of organic, inorganic, and polymeric materials;
  2. fully equipped laboratories for electrochemical synthesis and investigation;
  3. study of chemical, thermal, and photochemical short- and long-term stability;
  4. fabrication of thin film CIGS solar cells by a technique hybrid between sputtering and evaporation
  5. fabrication of DSCs and organic/polymeric cells (glove-boxes);
  6. solar simulators for small cells (2×2”) and modules (6×6″) and Keithley digital source meters for current/voltage measurements
  7. fully integrated system for EQE and IQE measurements;
  8. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) equipped with EDX and EBIC; 77-300 K;
  9. large variety of spectroscopic tehniques for characterization of materials in solution, solid-state and in devices;
  10. Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC);
  11. sputter, evaporator, plasma and ozone cleaning;
  12. resistivity and Hall measurements
  13. Quasi Steady-State Photoconductance Decay (QSSPC) for lifetime testing;
  14. ageing of solar cells under thermal stress and light soaking



The access will be allowed with technical and scientific assistance from UNIMIB



  1. The research team have been studied the electronic and optical properties of defects in silicon for PV application for more than 20 years.
  2. An innovative hybrid sputtering-evaporation       system to develop on different substrates CIGS solar cells has been developed. It is able to control the metal quantity deposition on large dimension and it can perform       the 3 stages deposition process
  3. Deposition of inorganic thin film (CIGS, CZTS) on glass and flexible substrates
  4. Full characterization of many PV materials.
  5. Fabrication and characterization of DSSC devices
  6. Fabrication and characterization of OPV devices
  7. Fabrication and characterization of CIGS and CZTS devices
  8. Fabrication and characterization of perovskite-based solar cells
  9. Fabrication and characterization of hybrid DSSC-CIGS-Si-perovskite solar cells


Participation to Research Projects:

  • Partecipation to several national/international projects
  • Analysis of solar cells or materials by technical and scientific staff
  • All projects that need organic molecules synthesis and testing
  • All projects that need electrical and optical characterization of Si and CIGS materials and cells
  • Realization and testing of DSSC, OPV, and perovskite-based solar devices: performance and reliability
  • Realization and testing of CZTS and CIGS solar cells : performance and characterization