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n-PV workshop 2018


As last time, n-PV Workshop 2018 was joined with  SiliconPV 2018, the 8th International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics allowing the visitors to combine both events. These  events took place from March 19-22 in Lausanne, Switzerland at the beautiful Rolex Learning center, close to the Geneva Lake, facing the alps.

Matthieu Despeisse, CSEM, chaiman of n-PV Workshop 2018, by his welcome message to participants  highlighted that cells and modules experienced considerable reductions in manufacturing costs coupled with technological improvements, bringing PV to low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) in 2017. Several PV power plant power purchase agreements below 5 $cts/kWh, and by records below 3 $cts/kWh, placing PV as ultra-competitive compared to other energy sources.[Ref] Since few years, the silicon PV community is further witnessing a strong dynamism in the improvement of conversion efficiency with potential for further lowering LCOE.The introduction of new materials, processes and concepts, is triggering the introduction of advanced technologies in production. In that context, high efficiency n-type silicon technologies are developing with impressive dynamics! [Ref]

At R&D level, ultra-high efficiency was achieved by Kaneka, Japan, using back-contacted silicon heterojunction, with up to 26.7 % and 24.37 % demonstrated at cell and module levels respectively. Continuous progress is being made with HJT, n-PERT and IBC technologies, driving towards an increasing mass production of highly efficient n-type devices, as highlighted by the introduction of 2 GW n-PERT production capacity by Jolywood in 2017 [Ref]

The n-PV workshop  hosted and organized by CSEM, is a unique occasion to update participants  on n-PV technologies and industrial developments, and to discuss it with scientists and industrials from all over the world in a great atmosphere!



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