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Simulation of heterogeneous PV systems and storage in self-consumption scenarios

Lecture offered interactively  to any interested registered participant from Dec 30th 2017  to Jan 15th 2018.
offers  the opportunity to any interested  registered participant to  interact during indicated period. Please contact  by  email


There are a large number of software programs currently available to simulate various solar cell technologies at processing stages from material modelling to complete systems. CHEETAH KEP has already offered by LNEG  UPM and IFE a series of webinars focussed in introducing modelling tools applied to PV technology.

This  webinar complements other webinars by going through a couple of examples to deepen in the modeling of heterogeneous PV systems and use of storage in PV systems under self-consumption schemes.

The structure of both examples proposed by lecture 1 and lecture 2 are very similar:

  • firstly, the problem to be simulated will be introduced
  • in second place, a presentation of the models used to modelling the specific categories of PV application is proposed
  • finally an example as case study or practical case is showned

The webinar presentations address:

  • Modeling heterogeneous PV systems: Simulation of Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking (DMPPT) topologies. Simulation of performance in static regime of DMPPT topologies in order to analyze their capability to reduce mismatching losses as a function of system design parameters. 
  • Simulation of PV storage systems for self-consumption. Long-term simulation of PV storage systems for self-consumption in order to analyze their profitability as a function of main design parameters and different energy management strategies.  


Both webinars are offered by
Ricardo Alonso, TECNALIA
head of Energy Conversion and Management for PV


Contacts to get more information on this event:

Dr. Eduardo Román TECNALIA
Dr. Franco Roca ENEA

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ROMÁN Eduardo
ALONSO Ricardo
ALONSO Ricardo

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