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FP7-SOPHIA Strategic Vision on PV Research Infrastructure

Edited : 01/03/2015

The FP7-SOPHIA Strategic Vision on PV Research Infrastructure represents the consensual view of the 20 partners of SOPHIA (European research centres, EPIA and EUREC) on Research Infratsucture  for photovoltaic energy.

It is an important outcome of the FP7-SOPHIA project, integrating the lessons learned from the project and proposing a new PV research infrastructure strategy for the coming years. It will serve as a proposal to ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures, which is a platform of experts with a mandate to look into Europe’s research infrastructure (RI) needs.

The proposal is detailed in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 describes in short the context and the scope of the document
  • Chapter 2 discusses current trends in the access and use of photovoltaic RI from the entire PV field: silicon materials, organic PV, thin films, concentrator PV, module lifetime, module and system performance, modelling and building integrated PV
  • Chapter 3 identifies the future needs by setting up a whole range of multipurpose RI addressing all the PV value chain from lab to fab and the market
  • Chapter 4 provides concluding remarks and recommendations

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