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Kentro Ananeosimon Pigon ke Exikonomisis Energeias
Photovoltaic Systems and Distributed Generation/RES Division
19th Km Marathonos Avenue - 
19009 Pikermi/Athens Greece

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Description of organization

The CENTRE FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES AND SAVING (CRES) is the national coordination centre of Greece on renewable energy and energy saving technologies and the official Greek government consultant in national policy, strategy and planning. CRES is the Greek National Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). CRES is composed 5 Divisions:

  • Division of Renewable Energy Sources,
  • Division of Development Programs,
  • Division for Energy Efficiency,
  • Division for Energy Policy & Planning,
  • Division of Financial and Administrative Services

and operates as a Research and Technological Centre for RES/RUE/ES as well as the National Energy Centre, working on energy planning and policy for RES and ES and developing the necessary infrastructure to support the implementation of RES&ES investment projects.

CRES provides the link between basic research and industry and through its projects has assisted the market in accepting and adopting new energy technologies. The Centre provides services to third parties and to local authorities, concerning the exploitation of the technical and techno-economical possibilities for the application of RES/RUE/ES projects, and has been active in matters of national energy policy, for the development and realisation of business initiatives and investment ventures, participating in the planning, co-ordination and monitoring of integrated programmes and projects at national, regional and local levels.

CRES has participated in more than 700 European, national and international projects. These include applied research and technological development projects, demonstration and/or commercial application projects, energy policy studies, development of energy information systems and energy modelling, investment feasibility studies, techno-economic feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, market research as well as activities for the promotion and dissemination of RES/RUE and ES. The Department is involved in applied research, having the capability to conduct development, characterization testing and experimental procedures according to international standards. It cooperates systematically with organisations for the promotion of PV technology and Distributed Generation, such as EPIA, DERlab, and actively participates in European initiatives


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