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SOPHIA Symposium on PV Research Infrastuctures

FP7-SOPHIA Symposium on European Photovolatic  Research Infrastructures

INES - National Solar Energy Institute Chambery - Le Bourget du Lac France, 22 January 2015

This is a key moment for European PV research. After several turbulent years in the sector, the challenges ahead are clearer but, with the SOPHIA Research Infrastructure project now coming to an end, we need to optimize our strategy.

SOPHIA focused on 8 PV topics with 20 European partners, and the results achieved after 4 years of activity in trans-national access, networking, training and R&D can provide valuable “lessons learned”. How can we best exploit these, to take forward European PV R&D to the targets foreseen in the SET-Plan Integrated Roadmap? How can we take the SOPHIA achievements to a next level in the EERA—PV joint programme and the FP7-Cheetah project, with even more partners involved (35).


This symposium:

  • highlighted the main outcomes of the SOPHIA project and made proposals based on the lessons learned
  • provided a forum for discussion on the type of PV research infrastructures and e-infrastructures required in Europe for the next decade covering several aspects:
  • R&D needs (upgrade, access, coordination, etc.) – How can we keep European R&D at world-class level?
  • Support innovation in the PV industry (pilot lines in particular, reliability and quality issues) – What is the best way?
  • Training needs?
  • Collaboration and information exchange – Should PV research infrastructure for quality & reliability be linked worldwide
  • Support to market integration (monitoring and management of millions of PV system) – Can big data bring advantages in the area of solar PV system monitoring?

The final agenda is available here.

The presentations are available here