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CHEETAH knowledge Exchange Portal is an integral part of CHEETAH project web site powered and developed by DTE unit of ENEA ©2014 - 2018 with support of all CHEETAH Partners. Starting from early 2018, CHEETAH KEP moved its first steps to became EERA Knowledge Exchange Platform for PV Technology (KEPT-PV). A new name for the previous platform characterizing our will to serve better and more efficiently in Knowledge Exchange a wider European and International PV RTD community.
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Knowledge for a common vision: the CHEETAH KEAP e-learning platform

Knowledge for a common vision: the CHEETAH KEAP e-learning platform

CHEETAH KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE WEB AREA PORTAL for the European photovoltaics community to support training, share knowledge and research infrastructures and foster collaboration opportunities at EU scale

The CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Web Area Portal (KEAP) is an online information source to promote knowledge exchange among experts and trainees on photovoltaic (PV) solar energy research in Europe. Developed in the context of the ongoing EU funded project CHEETAH, it is open to non-CHEETAH partners and the wider photovoltaic community.

KEAP supports cooperation among the CHEETAH partners and within the broader PV research community in Europe by facilitating knowledge and information sharing, identifying technical and scientific needs and making available a wide range of information on expertise, infrastructures, equipments andPV technologies. In doing so, KEAP contributes to European alignment and to a pan-European strategiccommon vision on PV energy research.

Highly secure and user-friendly, the portal improves the state-of-the art of knowledge exchange thanks to a dynamic database, a powerful build-in search engine and a dedicated tool for on-line meetings, webinars, on-line tests and experiments.

KEAP counts 47 corporate descriptions, 177 expert and 41 infrastructure profiles of both CHEETAH and non-CHEETAH organizations. 30 webinars have been organized since March 2013 by the platform (formerly named Sophia@webinar under the FP7 SOPHIA project), eight in 2016, with more than 920 “live” participants and hundreds accessing via streaming.

The EERA Joint Programme Photovoltaic Solar Energy (JP PV) will support KEAP through own resources after the end of the CHEETAH project, to the benefit of the whole European PV community.


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