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LNEG-PV technologies lab

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  • Equipment for PV Cells development and material characterization.
  • Tests on solar thermal collectors and other solar components.
  • Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic, Thermal Storage
  • Accredited Laboratory by IPAC according to NP EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Technical Info



The solar energy Unit UES of LNEG is involved in Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic, Thermal Storage. Solar Energy Laboratory(LES) is an accredited Laboratory since 1993, by IPAC according to NP EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. It can perform tests on solar thermal collectors and other solar components.

The  PV  unit of UES-LNEG is involved in Technological development of photovoltaic systems such as Organic solar cells (OPV) and Inorganic solar (CZTS-based) cells for new generation solar units, new multifunction modules (hybrid PV/T modules), modelling and monitoring of photovoltaic systems and their components and evaluation of power plants performance with and without concentrated photovoltaic (CPV)

PV Laboratory (PV Lab) is also included in the Lab for Renewable energies grid integration. PV Lab is also part of the national Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Infrastructure (nZEB Lab).

  • PV systems integrated in Solar XXI Building including a 12 kW PV facade a 6 kW
  • amorphous silicon car shading structure and a 10 kW CIS car shading structure, all systems completely monitored.
  • A PV/T trigeneration system providing Electricity, DHW, and heat and cooling for a residential load profile.
  • An hybrid PV/Wind stand alone system with 1.3 kW.
  • A Chemical Lab for conversion technologies.
  • Several equipment for PV Cells development.
  • Materials characterization through a SEM device and other materials characterization equipment.


  • The access will be allowed with technical and scientific assistance from LNEG_SE
  • Direct contact with Researchers of the group
  • Providing a programme of activities to be approved.
  • Coordination of the Unit approval.


  • Research activities in the fields of conversion technologies (Perovskites, Kesterites, Organic cells and Tandem cells).
  • System analysis and monitoring, including modelling and participation in PV Standard commissions, both national and international
  • Supporting companies through participation in Research contracts.
  • Participation in different PV Fora namely IEA PVPS.
  • Providing Training, mainly for installers.
  • Supporting Portuguese Government Energy Policies.

Participation to Research Projects

  • Several  European and Portuguese Science and Technology projects
  • AltaLuz – Tandem cells (national project)
  • Organic Materials for Solaid state Solar Cells. (national project).
  • Rainbow Dye Sensitized Solar Cells  – Towards higher efficiences via complete solar spectrum absorption
  • LNEG Work Plan on CZTS CRYSTALSOL technology” contract between LNEG and CRYSTALSOL.
  • CHEETAH - Cost-reduction through material optimization and Higher EnErgy output os solar pHotovoltaic modules – joining Europe’s Research and Development efforts in support of its PV industry.
  • SOLARNET- Comunication system using PV systems. (national project)
  • PVProsumers4Grid (H2020 project starting)



Estrada do Paço do Lumiar, 22, Edifício Solar XXI | 649-038 -  Lisboa, Portugal

Main contact

JOYCE António