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ECN-cSi Characterization LAB

[Cheetah Partner]
  • Electrical and optical characterisation of wafers and solar cells
  • in-line imaging

Technical Info

Main features

  • Minority carrier lifetime on blocks and wafers (Sinton QSSPC)
  • Minority carrier lifetime mapping of wafers (Semilab μW-PCD)
  • Sheet resistance mapping of emitters (Sherescan)
  • Contact resistancebetween cell metalisation and emitter (Corescan)
  • Contact resistance between cell metalisation and emitter (TLM)
  • PL and EL (forward and reverse) on wafers and cells
  • Spectral response (integral) of cells
  • Reflection and transmission of various samples (with SR for IQE)
  • IQE mapping at 4 λ values (Semilab LBIC)
  • Shunt localisation with lock-in thermography (illuminated, dark forward, dark reverse)
  • IV-curve of cells (illuminated and dark, forward and reverse; continuous and flash)
  • Pseudo IV of cells (Sinton SunsVoc)
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry on layers (as SiN)
  • Bond density measurements in layers such as SiNx:H (FTIR)
  • IV-curves of modules (flash)

Limitations or contraints:

  • Access to lab and facilities can be allowed with technical and scientific assistance from ECN

Typical services

  • Access to characterization equipment in collaboration with technical and scientific assistance:new cells technologies and materials can be tested.. Support will be provided to choose the relevant equipment and to analyze the resulting raw data.

Participation to projects

  • All projects that need electrical and optical characterisation of Si materials and cells and modules