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CELINO Massimo

Senior scientist in  ENEA on Computational Science. Contact point of the CMAST-Computational Materials Science and Technology Virtual Lab

Information and Comunication Technology Division - Energy Technologies Department – [DTE-ICT]

Role in the project : materials & devices modelling chain

email :

Short Bio

Dr. Massimo Celino, staff scientist at ENEA, was born in Rome in 1967. Dr Celino studied Physics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” discussing a thesis on the numerical modelling of charge flows at the depinning transition. He got a PhD in condensed matter physics at the University of Strasbourg “L. Pasteur” (France) in 2002 discussing a thesis on the numerical characterization of amorphous and liquid atomic structure of silicon diselenide materials. His main scientific interests are in the field of molecular modeling of amorphous and liquid materials via both quantum and classical molecular dynamics tools on high performance computing platforms. He is author of about 70 scientific papers on international journals, and delivered talks and communications to numerous national and international conferences. Contact point of the “Computational Materials Science and Technology Virtual Lab (CMAST,” that gathers all the computational materials science activities performed on the CRESCO parallel computer

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