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Associate professor in Physical Chemistry @Uni Milano Bicocca

Vicedirector of the MIBSolar center

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Simona Binetti graduated in Physics , obtained a Master in Material Science in 1994 with mark 70/70 cum laude  and the  PH. D. in Chemistry  in 1998 at University of Milano. From  1999 to 2014 has been  assistant professor in Physical Chemistry for the Faculty of Science of University of Milano-Bicocca. Since 2014 she is associate professor in Physical Chemistry and vicedirector of the MIBSolar center.  Her research activity, is mainly devoted to the study of the effect of defects on electrical and optical properties of  elementary semiconductor (Silicon) and composed and Copper Indium  Gallium Diselenied CIGS  alloy, mainly for PV application. In this context she developed original research activities in the field of  the role of  defects on the opto-electrical properties of  silicon (multicrystalline  and nanocrystalline thin film for photovoltaic application, of optical emission associated to dislocations and oxygen precipitates in silicon.  Recently a new activity has been started on the growth and characterization of CIGS and CZTS films grown  on glass and flexible substrates  substrate. Since 1990, she has been involved in many European Renewable Energy Projects (Multichess (I-II), COST, FAST-IQ, NESSI, FOXY , NANOPHOTO, Solar Design) and in several national projects.  She is co-author of more than 100 scientific publications on international journals, she had  many oral presentation to PV international  conferences

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