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DE LIA Francesco

Researcher in PV systems grd connected and  integrated with Electrical Energy Storage

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Short Bio

Born in Rome in 1961 he graduated in  Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome” La Sapienza”. Since 2000,  he is  focusing on PV systems, ranging from designing, testing and monitoring of PV-Plants and testing PV-modules in outdoor conditions.

Recently he opened on PV systems integrated with Electrical Energy Storage (Lithium based cell), in Smart-Grid scenario. In particular, more  recent  activities were as follows:

  • Developing an electrical simulator in Matllab-Simulink platform (ENEA PV+ESS Simulator) for modelling of grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems, Electrical Storage for residential and commercial users (2013-2015);
  • Design and construction of a grid-connected smart plant, located to the Italian Lampedusa island composed by photovoltaic system, storage systems (Lithium and lead acid) and an Energy Management System developed in ENEA in order to optimize energy flows (2013-2015) to the grid;
  • Implementation in ENEA PV+ESS Simulator of a thermal model of Lithium batteries and smart strategies (2016-2017);
  • Testing on field of models and smart strategies by means of an Energy Management System, for PV+ESS systems, developed in ENEA (2016-2017).
  • Developing of Energy Management System for 2th generation Smart Building where Prosumers and  Aggregator collaborate in order to optimize energy flows in energy communities.

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