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Director Photovoltaic Solar Energy Department at CENER

CENER . Departamento de Energía Solar Fotovoltaica

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Dr. Ana Rosa Lagunas is a physicist obtained in 1985 her PhD at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.  She started her studies in optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy in amorphous ferromagnetic FexSi1-x thin films at Material Physic Institute of National Council for Research (1979-1985), continued in thin film solar cells an transparent conductive Oxide @  CIEMAT (1985-1987) and as a process engineer @ Bell laboratories in Orlando, USA (1987-1988) where she was involved in development of  LPCVD and PECVD processes related to CMOS manufacturing technology. Back in Spain she held different positions as production Section Chief @ AT&T Microelectonica de España (1989), Senior engineer (technologist and product) from 1992-1996  and technical manager  (1996-2001) @ Lucent Technologies Microelectronics/Agere Systems where she developed her skill in coordinating activities from prototyping to final product of different CMOS technologies.

Since 2002, when CENER started, she has been working on the definition, installation and start-up of the Photovoltaic Solar Energy Department, that she directs, leading a group with 21+ people, PhD Scientists, Engineers and Technicians involved in:

  • development of methodology for PV plant design, optimization, testing and troubleshooting,, from conceptual design through technical alternative for achieving lowest LCOE, 
  • configuration of PV cells development activity on cSi .wafer based , OPV and hybrid devices
  • development and characterization of materials and components (PV, microelectronics) 
  • accreditation laboratory for testing under IEC standards for PV components (modules, inverters, trackers, etc) 

She leaded and participated to several regional (Navarra), national (Spain)  and international projects mostly European Commission Energy and NMP project on  6th, 7th FP, H2020-MSCA-2016 and Eureka 

She also got skill in consultancy  by leading activities in technical assistance for design, realization operation of PV plants (>250MW),  peer review reports on PV module technologies, including environmental profiles, safety aspects, energy production, capacity and life cycle analysis (2010, 1013, 2016) and analysis for CPV and thin film technologies, their evolution and potentialities. 

She also performed bankability audits and technical-economical studies for the investment in cSi, thin Film and CVP - technology by including visits in China (2010),  analysis of potential technologist partners for the investments and manufacturing factory installation issues.

She also evaluates innovative module concepts for venture capitalist companies and she got shill in Intellectual properties protection.

Author of basic and applied research publications, speaker in technological forums and chairman of oral sessions, she also participates, among others, in committees for the development of PV Standards within the international community, in the Scientific Committee of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EUPVSEC) and is member of the Executive Committee of the IEA PVPS

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