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CANCRO Carmine

Researcher  involved in development of components and systems for photovoltaic and solar thermodynamic applications 

Photovoltaic Systems and Smart Grid Unit (DTE-FSN-FOSG)

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Short Bio

Carmine Cancro is a mechanical engineer, graduated cum laude in 2000 at Naples “Federico II” University. Until 2004, he worked for companies involved in the automotive field: in the period 2002-2004  he was employed in COMAU SPA that is a part of FIAT Group which is the most important Italian cars industry. Since 2004, He  is working in  ENEA in the Research Center of Portici (NA) his main reserach topics  are the following:

  • optical design of sunlight concentrating components and systems;
  • mechanical design of metallic structures used for solar plants (e.g. solar trackers);
  • Characterization of solar plants components and systems (e.g. lenses, mirrors, cells, CPV modules, CPV plants)

He was apponted in ENEA as  the  technical-scientific responsible for two European projects, in CPV named ECOSOLE and NGCPV. 

He is also involved in  items concering aquisition of goodies for technical and scientific activities as Procedure Responsible, Designer and Works  and site supervisor for the activities related to the construction/installation/maintenance of the prototypal plants realized within the research activities, particularly photovoltaic and solar Energy 

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