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CHEETAH knowledge Exchange Portal is an integral part of CHEETAH project web site powered and developed by DTE unit of ENEA ©2014 - 2018 with support of all CHEETAH Partners. Starting from early 2018, CHEETAH KEP moved its first steps to became EERA Knowledge Exchange Platform for PV Technology (KEPT-PV). A new name for the previous platform characterizing our will to serve better and more efficiently in Knowledge Exchange a wider European and International PV RTD community.
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ROCA Francesco

Research manager .- Senior scientist and Project Innovation officer of EEN-Enterprise Europe Network

ENEA-DTE Energy Technologies Departement

Role in the project : WP2 Leader: Fostering the use of Existing facilities and Expertise and ENEA main contact for CHEETAH Project

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Short Bio

Francesco ROCA Since 1984 in ENEA is a physicist specialized in interaction of ionizing and non-ionizing  radiation with organic and inorganic  materials. His skills:

  • As scientist, he is involved in growth and characterization of thin film semiconductors, amorphous/crystalline silicon. surface treatment by plasma  and Silcion heterojunctions, PV concentrator technology and advanced PV cells; development of smart PV modules with improved functionalities.
  • As research manager, he coordinates the  partecipation of his organziation to National/international Research Projects  (2001- to date). He has been project and  WP leader of several national/international project on PV (FIRB-FOTOENERGIA, 7FP-SOPHIA & SOPHi@webinar , FP7-CHEETAH,  7FP-ECOSOLE, 7FP-NGCPV, 7FP-COSTRUCT_PV, 7FP-BFIRST, 7FP-HETSI,  5FP-MOPHET, 5FP-ASINET, 5FP-PVECNET). He also  promotes R&D activity and networking activities in Solar Energy and their Environmental Impact, assessment in Europe and Mediterranea Area, promotion of personnel Exchange and training of researchers, He is also leading 7FP-CHEETAH WP2  Fostering the use of existing facilities and expertise, In this frame he  is also the responsible  of  CHEETAH Knowledge Exchange Platform, the reference database for CHEETAH project and  the European PV community.   

He has organized/co-organized national/international workshops. He is author/coauthor and reviewer of scientific papers/chapters of books. Since 2008 member of the Scientific Committee of EU PVSEC.He also acts as  ENEA Representative for the participation in Photovoltaics to European Energy Research Alliance EERA-PV and to AIREn the Italian Alliance for the Research on Energy. He is  Member  of the expert Pool of European PV Technology Platform

He has worked as adjunct professor on Advanced PV  Technologies  at MIF-Uni Tor Vergata 2008-2012.

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