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2nd International PhotoVoltaic Systems Summer School (PVSSS) @ TU DELFT


Delft, NL July 1-8, 2018


The 2nd nternational PhotoVoltaic Systems Summer School (PVSSS) is a 1-week long  summer school. iT is intended  for attendees holding at least a MSc degree and it aims to give theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience on different technical and installation aspects of photovoltaic systems (design, installation,horizon, monitoring and norms)

The Summer school will feature:

* A stimulating opening session given by prof. dr. John Schmitz (Dean EEMCS faculty at TUDelft, NL);
 * A series of fourteen 45-min long lectures (~10.5 hours of  theory), given by experts in solar energy from both TU Delft and other (international) universities;
 * An inspiring plenary talk given by dr. A. Bett (co-director at Fraunhofer ISE, DE);
* Ten 2.5-hours long practical sessions (25 hours of hands-on), hosted in the PV Laboratory of the PVMD group at TUDelft;
 * An afternoon tour visiting three PV companies in the area of Delft and The Hague (Kipp&Zonen , Exasun and Eternal Sun);
* Three social events

The fee per person includes:

10.5 hours of lectures (14 x 45 min):

  • L1. Dr. I. Gordon (IMEC, BE): Status of c-Si PV technology
    L2. Prof. dr. Miro Zeman (TUDelft, NL): Future solar-powered electrical energy systems
    L3. Dr. M. Korevaar (Kipp en Zonen, NL): Accurate measurement of irradiance
    L4. Prof. Dr. M. Topic (University of Ljubljana, SL): PV modules monitoring
    L5. Prof. Dr. M. Topic (University of Ljubljana, SL): From monitoring to energy yield forecast
    L6. Dr. A. Scognamiglio (ENEA, IT): Innovative BIPV
    L7. Dr. A. Scognamiglio (ENEA, IT): Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality
    L8. Prof. Dr. A. W. Weeber (TUDelft, NL): Status of thin-film PV technology and multi-junctions
    L9. Dr. E. Voroshazi (IMEC, BE): Innovations in PV modules technology
    L10. Prof. Dr. P. Bauer (TUDelft, NL): Power electronics and microgrids
    L11. Prof. Dr. P. Palensky (TUDelft, NL): Impact of renewable energy systems on digitized society
    L12. Prof. dr. A. A. J. F. van den Dobbelsteen (TUDelft, NL): Sustainable design in circular cities
    L13. Dr. O. Isabella (TUDelft, NL): Advanced horicatching
    L14. Mr. P. Jongbloed (NEN, NL): Norms and regulations related to PV systems

25 hours of hands-on workshop (10 x 2.5 hours):

  • PV1. Discover and measure properties of light
    PV2. Build your EQE setup and measure spectral response of real devices
    PV3. Characterize commercially-available PV modules (JV and EL)
    PV4. Understand the charging cycle of batteries and justify the use of charge controller
    PV5. Simulate a complete PV system from power electronics perspective
    PV6. Fabricate and program your own maximum power point tracker
    PV7. Use advanced CAD for modelling PV systems with non-free horizon
    PV8. Mount a real 2 kWp grid-connected DC-coupled PV system with AC backup
    PV9. Visit measurement equipment rooms
    PV10. Discover how solar cells are effectively made.

 And following:

  • 7 nights accommodation in a private studio at walking distance from the venue in a private studio in TUDelft Campus
  • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners, 15 coffee breaks
  • 3 social events
  • Transport Delft-Den Haag-Scheveningen-Delft (4th of July)
  • A copy of Solar Energy book
  • Attendee’s bag


Event web page

Please note:

  • the PVSSS 2018 has a capacity up of 30 attendees.
  • This Summer School is twinned with Quantsol 2018