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The 10th ISOPHOS 2016 Summer School







The 10th edition of the International School on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (ISOPHOS) will be held from the 11th till 15th of September 2016 in the wonderful atmosphere of Castiglione della Pescaia (Tuscany - Italy)

ISOPHOS is organized by the Center for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy (CHOSE) of the Lazio Region-University of Rome Tor Vergata, DYERS and the European COST Action MultiscaleSolar together with the European Graphene Flagship, the EU CHEETAH project, the EU Destiny project, and the European Energy Research Alliance - Joint Program PhotoVoltaics (EERA-JPPV).

The school is focused on recent advances in science and technology of organic and hybrid photovoltaic devices, including small molecules, polymers, perovskites, dye solar cells and the use of Graphene and other 2D materials for energy applications. 

Introductory and advanced lectures will held by world-recognized experts in their field. This is  a unique opportunity to allow people from the different areas of research (chemistry, physics and engineering) to meet together and discuss about the subject.

The school is dedicated to PhDs, Post Docs and researchers who are interested to acquire an updated knowledge in these fields. Moreover, a special session gives  students the opportunity to present their own work to share ideas and solutions. 


Each student will give a 5 minutes (max) presentation concerning activitieseducational background or any interesting information about himself or his research group. In case of students coming from the same group, apresentation of 10 minutes can be done for the whole group, as preferred.

Moreover a 200 words (max) abstract is required for each student and a passport photo in order to create a guest-book to help interaction and info exchange.

Both formal and classic or creative and original presentation style will be appreciated.
Communication is the goal!

DEADLINE: September 1, 2016 Abstracts must be sent to
in Powerpoint file format


More information:

Event web page

School Program